It was a Sunday, it was summer, and the weather was warm and nice. I drove to Fåvang, a small town just a stone’s trow away from home. From there I drove up to the mountain. And of course, after a few kilometers there´s a toll road. I pay the fee, and drive on. After a few kilometers, the road standard plunges. The car doesn’t handle it very well, so I park the car and walk the rest.


And after another few kilometers, this time fighting the bugs, I came over this small lake with a boat resting at the waterfront.

Sunken boat

There’s even a bench and a shelter here. A great place to fish and relax. I made an interactive photo sphere thanks to Google, which you can click and drag around to see the place. I recommend seeing it in full screen.

Photo sphere:

Further up the path, after a few wrong turns, I reach the top. The view is pretty nice. It’s a nice Sunday.