In June, Øyvind and I trekked to a mountain top called Ruten. Hoping to catch a nice sunset over the grand landscape what Norway has to offer.

The gloves

After an hour drive, we parked the car and started walking.


After 30 minutes or so, the wind started to pick up and I felt the cold on my hands. I stopped for a moment, giving myself a facepalm. I’d forgot my gloves! Oh well, nothing to do about that. Note to self: always check the gear and clothes before going out!



As luck would have it, there was a public cabin just half way to the top. The cabin had seen it’s better days. But it did it’s job. Sheltering a couple of dimwits that forgot to clothe accordingly.


After a 5 minute break, we went on. After about another hour, hands freezing again, the morale started to drop. And there it was, a sign, literally.


Not far from the top, we could see the light starting to do it’s magic over the horizon.  Just in time for some good old fashioned sunset.

Rutenfjellet Landscape

Photo by: Øyvind Sandbuløkken

Photo by: Øyvind Sandbuløkken

The grand landscape

My hands were almost numb. Could barely feel my fingers. Operating the camera was even harder. Turning the knobs with stiff and senseless fingers was a struggle. Trying to get some warmth, I jumped around to get the blood flowing. So Øyvind did what friends do, take a picture when I look the silliest.


Photo by: Øyvind Sandbuløkken

Looking to the west, we could see the mountain peaks of Jotunheimen.

Quietude - Landscape

To the north, the Rondane national park in all it’s glory.


When the sun kissed the horizon, the wind started to calm down, and the landscape doing what it can best. Look amazing!


The light tucked the mountains of Jotunheimen to bed.


A good hour after the sunset, Rondane was at sleep. And soon was I.

Rondane by night