Went to Losna lake today.  There’s an abandoned camping resort there. Closed due to the yearly spring floods that kept flooding it. It’s placed right between the E6 road and riverbank. A nice panoramic view of the river and the mountains.

The weather probably knew I was coming today, so the sun was fighting with the clouds. There were moments where the sun managed to get through, but it would lose the battle quite quickly. I managed to get some shots that I’m pleased with.

I also recorded the sound of the water hitting the waterfront.

tiboine · Losna


The ever-present wind was also awake today. Thought I would try to catch the forces of the wind.




Last time I was here, a year ago, the wind was calm – as was the water. True serenity as they would say.

Losna - Gudbrandsdalen

This was also taken last year at this time.

Losna Torsgard - Oppland Norway 2013

The fall can be quite stunning. Hope the weather gets better before the colors are gone.