Getting up early – the morning light

I had noticed this scene while driving by the other day. The golden leaves swaying at the riverbank, creating a great contrast to the blue of the river. But I had some work to do, so I couldn’t stop.

I had set the alarm for 06, got up some 30 minutes later. Watched the clouds fill the sky. Nope, morning light wasn’t happening.

There’s light coming through!

A few hours later, the weather seemed to clear up. I drove to the picnic spot beside the E6 main road. I sprinted over the busy road with my camera and tripod over my shoulder. And once over, I strolled over to the beach and waited.

Ringebu strand

I got the whole beach for myself.  I watched the clouds still blocking the sun, with only glimpses of sun coming through the thick clouds. But I got the whole beach for myself at least!

Tor Ivan Boine- Ringebu 6597

The sunlight managed to sneak by the clouds now and then. It only lasted for a few seconds, So I had to be quick. I had my camera on my tripod and looked all around me with the camera pointing the same way as me. I felt like a cannoneer scouting for prey.

Tor Ivan Boine Ringebu

Moved around quickly. Pointing my trusty camera and zooming as far as I could. Click! Got the light on the trees. And then it was gone.

Tor Ivan Boine Ringebu

The light moved at light speed over the beach. (See what I did there). I had to pre-composite the scenes I wanted, so I was ready when the light came through.

Tor Ivan Boine Ringebu

Tor Ivan Boine Ringebu

Sometimes the clouds would stay open so I even had time for a quick shadow selfie :)

Tor Ivan Boine selfie

After 20 minutes the clouds were dominating the sky again. I saw no chance for the sun passing through anymore today. So I left. Satisfied that I at least got a few good shots.