still in existence; surviving.

42 pieces. 42 figures from my mind. 42 thoughts and characters from my life and experiences in my 42nd year on this planet.

This series is a continuation of my journey that began in the late ’90s. Creating, visualization and imagination. I didn’t know it yet in my younger years, but I was destined for creating. At least I’d like to think that. But I lost my path before I even knew I had one. Years went by with mindless existence until I got my first digital camera in ’07.

Since then, I have been photographing, just the joy of pressing the shutter, and a moment is frozen, was magical. It wasn’t until last year that I opened Blender and started learning it, I felt that I had discovered my path.

I didn’t know I had a path. But now I’ve found it.

Extant is a shape of me, my thoughts, memories, and future.

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