Winter is coming …

So I realized that I haven’t published all of the photographs I took one winter morning in January up in Venabygdsfjellet earlier this year. I started this blog to be a visual diary for myself. With all the images I take, I’d like to keep my dearest in one place, where it (hopefully) will stay forever. Well, until I stop paying the domain bill at least.

I am a late sleeper by nature. And even more in winter time. But this time I managed to get up somewhat early. Venabygdsfjellet (The mountain of Venabu roughly translated) is just a 20 minutes car ride from home, so I managed to get there before the sun was up.

Before reaching to the top, I found this amazing scene just by the road. It was so cool (no pun intended) to see the thick snow on the trees like that. Like they were frozen. Well, I guess they were frozen :). The stillness was nice. No traffic around these parts that early. With early I mean around 9 in the morning.

A frosty morning

A frosty morning

Further up the road, at the top, the view to Rondane and Muen mountain came to sight. The sun was painting the sky, and the wind was non existent. I can’t really remember, but I think it was around -20 degree celsius. A good temperature, relatively speaking.


The view from Venabygdsfjellet, with Rondane to the left in the horizon, and Muen at the right.

When the snow still is hanging on the wires …


Rondane mountains

The big blue Muen. So tiny from afar, but it takes a good hour to ascend it.

Muen, Venabygdsfjellet - Norway

Muen, Venabygdsfjellet – Norway

This is why it’s so awesome to get up early! No words necessary.

Rondane Venabygdsfjellet


The day just got started, but I found some nice scenes later this day after the sun was up.