Living in a valley where the sun disappears out of view before it sets, is kinda frustrating as a photographer. We don’t get that nice sunset light in Ringebu. We only get the blue ambient light that reflects from the sky.

But the good thing about living in a valley is that the mountains are close by. And they are easy to get to.
This time I drove to a place that is called Fefor, and from there it’s only a 20-minute hike to get to the top. The top is called Feforkampen.
And what is so nice, and even convenient with Feforkampen is that it’s the highest peak in miles.
So on the top, we have a 360-degree panorama view!

I went there late in the evening for the nice evening light. Luckily the weather was calm and not too many clouds. Just enough.

moon feforkampen

Looking south at Feforvatnet (lake) from Feforkampen.

To the west, we can see the mountain range of Jotunheimen National Park. Still some snow there even in June!


Jotunheimen National Park

In retrospect, I should have gone here a bit earlier as the sun just set minutes after I reached the top. But the light was nice, so I didn’t really care.
Standing there, I thought what kind of image I could take that I hadn’t taken before. So, remembering that selfies are the craze this year, I thought I should try that.
Since the sun had set, and I was in the shade with all the colors in the sky, I had to do a silhouette, or else it wouldn’t look that great.
So I pointed the camera on a small peak, set the timer and took a run for it.

I set the timer on a 5-second interval. The camera was around 10-15 meters from me when I stood there, listening for the camera shutter to go off. After the click, I counted. Counted to four and then I jumped. Not knowing if I made the shot, I waited some more and jumped again, and again.
after 3-4 jumps, I was confident that I had timed it right at least once.
Back at the camera, to my amazement, I got it on my first jump!

Sunset selfie Feforkampen

Hey look, it’s me!

Before the light had vanished, I looked to the north. To Rondane National Park. Somewhat covered in clouds, maybe making it more dramatic.
I have contemplated on hiking to at least one of the mountains in Rondane. So next year I hope I will do it! For now, I can at least enjoy their view from Feforkampen.

Rondane National Park

Rondane National Park

The sun had set, but the moon was up. I walked down to my car and drove down. On the way home, I stopped at Vollsdammen, which is a small lake. And conveniently the road goes right past it.

Vollsdammen selfie


Another interval shot. But this time it was easier :)
I didn’t know how to shoot this scene, so I thought that I could do some long exposures. Be a little “creative” as they say. Light streaks are creative, right? :)
After a couple of tries, I timed the shutter and the movement. Thought this looked cool.

Vollsdammen - Fefor longexposure

Being fueled by “creativity” I thought, how else can I do this? How else can I use the moon for some “creative” photography?
I thought of writing in the sand. So why couldn’t I write my name in the water?
So I did just that.
Now, this was tricky. I had to zoom in all the way to 120 mm for the reflection of the moon to get big enough, and a two-second exposure. I panned and tilted the camera. First with viewing in the viewfinder to learn how much I should move the camera.

It took me some tries. The first to letters was easy. But the R was tricky as I had to move the camera in every direction to make out the “complex” letter R. :)

Three of the best tries merged together in Photoshop

Vollsdammen Fefor