A late June evening on Venabygdsfjellet, a short drive from home. I haven’t been shooting landscapes for a little while. The weather seemed nice. Some clouds in the sky. A cloudless sky is boring. The clouds gives some nice texture and tension.
The time was around 10 in the evening. The sun sets late this time of year.


The long roads on the mountain.

The colors in the sky is just magnificent! Lots of variations and hues.
No traffic this light. The silence is quite relaxing. I park my car by the road. Lots of exits along the road to the numerous cabins around here. I got a chance to ride a new electric scooter on the open road. It was quite fast and thrilling.

I try to capture the vast and open space against the colorful sky.


Muen mountain is visible from here.

Muen Venabygdsfjellet

I jump back into my car and drive closer to Muen. Just at the county border, I stop at Muvatnet (Mu water). This is a nice place for tourists to camp. But no tourists here today.
I have the sunset all to my self.

Muvatnet sunset

The view from the parking area where you can set up a tent or a camper.

The colors just doesn’t stop. I take it all in.

Muen Venabygdsfjellet

Taken with a LEE 10 stop filter

It’s almost midnight now. The sun has set. I feel satisfied. Time for bed.